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*listen to the girl, as she takes on half the world...* [entries|friends|calendar]

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[29 Jun 2006|02:50am]
its worth a shot... right?

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[28 Jun 2006|03:10am]
I love my best friend!! A lot! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the most awesomest post card i have ever recieved! the best picture ever! you reallllllly know me! I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE you !!
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alright alright.. here it is [02 Jun 2006|01:51am]
[ mood | oh, just fine! ]

I have been made aware that i rarely write in here. I decided it was because i never have anything to say, atleast nothing INTERESTING to say... but once again, i was told other wise...

sooo i think i will just make a list of recent events and fantastic things

*had a crappy dentist appointment. Took part in this sedation course... with dentists that didnt know how to do IV's.. and I CAN vouch for that.
*I went on vacation to Hawaii...
*got pneumonia.... ON VACATION!!
the last couple days of Hawaii were rad. SO pretty there! and we did SOOOO MUCH!!
*came home, some friends missed me... that was nice to hear. I missed lots of people too.
*my kitty mister is sick, and it makes me really scared. I dont have the money to take him to the vet.. I cried for him.
*I dyed my hair dark red 2 days ago. its a big change for me. I think i like it. but once again... my mom doesnt. LOL
*Tiffany and I have now declared sunday as a "Friends night" so every sunday when we get off work, we are going to her house.. and we are gonna watch every single episode of friends... its probably gonna take a million sundays, but it will be great!
*I really would like some otter pops!
and now.. i am going to try to sleep :)

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[10 May 2006|12:58am]
oh and the part that i think is the greatest, was that tonights show was their VERY FIRST show in the US!! so now i have a fun story for when they get big...with a "I saw them back when they very first started, i went to the concert that kicked it all off!" opener!

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i never dreamed that id meet somebody like you [10 May 2006|12:56am]
went to the Bassboosa show tonight. pretty much was awesome. There was a band that played before that, they had really good music... I liked them and must find out who they were. Then Bassboosa.... and they were great. Really pretty songs, and that tiny lil singer can BUST IT OUT! hahhaha it was pretty awesome..

after that was off to Union Jacks just for a lil bit of alcohol and TOTTIES!! bwahahah mmm boobs.

Thank you so much amanda and andy for another fun night!

amanda, as i said, we must hang out moooore trimanda fun nights are just not the same without the manda part lol..


best friend... wish you coulda been there too. was good times. but i hope you are feeling better!
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YAY! i ate a cracker! [04 May 2006|09:23pm]
[ mood | beyond sick! ]

Aside from my stomach thing. I am pretty sure that this is the sickest i have ever been... EVER! even with having had pneumonia and everything.. I feel like i am dying. Perhaps i have the Bid Flu? SCARY!!! anywho... if i die... please make sure my kitties all get put in good homes.
I either have a virus or the flu. but its terrible. I have been crying alllll do because i am so miserable. It started last night before i went to bed... my body hurt so bad.. was SO achey! but i didnt think anything of it because i always have a sore back and shoulders. anywho.. i woke up feeling sicker than shit... went to work, clocked in at 9:00 am.. clocked out at 9:54... i hate missing work, so i was gonna try real hard, but didnt make it. it has gotten worse since i left. body hurts beyond belief, cant keep a shitting thing down, not even sprite, cant sleep becuase i am SOOO uncomfortable... my temperature even got to 103.00 today, and that scared me.. its still at 101.9 but thats not as bad.. i have taken ibuprofen and tylenol, for some reason its not breaking...
anywho :( I am sad because i had to miss the concert with britney, i wanted to go sooo bad... but there was no way i could have made it. I was scared i would have barfed on someone.
anywho... I am gonna see if i can choke down some theraflu and try to keep it down...
wish me luck

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[25 Apr 2006|09:02pm]
[ mood | calm ]

sooo.... the funeral was really pretty. very sad and touching. I was glad that i got to be there with crysta and be there for britney. Anna was very loved and it showed... there were so many people there, it was amazing.

on another note... crysta and i did our hair today! YAY! i now have blonde roots again, the under part of my hair is a fun red, and i have a bright green chunk in my hair. HAHA WOOOO
Crystas hair... we attempted bleaching the front but it didnt wanna work all the way, it just partially bleached. We put the green in it anyways, and it actually turned out realllllly fun looking. I like it alot. so i am thinking the next time i do my hair, i am gonna dye it light brown and put this bright red in it that i have, and i think it will turn out really pretty. I am just scared of doing all my hair dark, because i think that after i do it dark, i am gonna want blonde again, and i wont be able to do it because i have bleached it so many times it will fall out.
Crysta and i went to the mall today and i found some awesome eyeshadows at hot topic. I think thats all im gonna ask for for my birthday is the rest of the colors. I got the neon green and purple, and they are very sparkly and the color shows up good! its awesome!
anywho.. i think i am gonna go straighten my hair, then lay around, and get ready for my fun night tomorrow.

and i want to tell all my friends, whether they are just people in passing, aquaintances, or good friends that i dont get to see all the time, and the ones i do, and my best friend... I love you all very much... even if i dont show it sometimes, i really do. Everyone is so great in their own way...you all make my world turn, and mean a lot to me. THANK YOU!!

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[10 Apr 2006|02:11am]
[ mood | on edge! INTENSE!! ]

just got home from a REALLY crazy adventure....
Me, Fidel, Tabetha, Nick, Thomas, Matt, Sara and her friend went out to this old abandoned Insane asylum wayyy out in Oregon.....
Sooooo creepy man. It took like an hour to try to find a way into the place because allll the doors were welded shut and the windows were boarded up... and we finally found a way in...mind you... this was 11pm and pitchblack adn we just had flashlights to guide us. there were hallways after hallway after hallway and milllllllllllllllllions of doors.. the rooms were so tiny.. made me sad for the people that had to be in them... with only a lil window on the door. I got some cool souveniers.. although i am scared that i will be haunted or cursed for taking them. but i got these tags from where they kept all the medications.. one said INJECTABLES... the other says "AMOXICILLIN" and the other said "SYRINGES" anywho... we looked through countless rooms and bathrooms... there was a scary sign that read "IF YOU HAVE MADE IT THIS FAR...GET THE FUCK OUT!" we should have listened...
the whole time i was just waiting for some scary guy to come out and chase us or something scary.. i just had a weird feeling. soooo.... the scariest part was the basement. there was this room with a table that had a comic book on it.. i shine the flashlight on the wall... BLOODY fucking hand prints!!!! with splatters... i follow the splatters up to the ceiling... and there was blood on the piping and ceiling... and fucking SCARED the shit out of me and Fidel... the blood on the pipes... looked totally fresh, like something had just happened about 8 minutes before we walked in the room. so, we left that room and proceed walking down the hallway in the basement.. WHEN ALL OF A SUDDEN... this loud alarm starts blaring WAH WAH WAH WAH and these bright blue lights are flashing.... all 8 of us take of running.. it was this instant feeling of terror. I was thinking "ok.. either this alarm just went off becuase there is a guy living at the end of this hallway and he is going to take off after us... or the cops are gonna be here any second"... so we go running up this twisty staircase... we are allll booking it through this scary ass place... and I was soooo scared because of all of the hallways and millions of doors... and like i said.. there was only one window to get in and we had to find that one room. surprisingly we found that shit fast... alllll thanks to Tabetha though... we all climbed and jumped out the window and took off running through a field... we got in our cars and left... as we turned the corner the cops were turning to go down that street... goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood god. I have quite the story now... so scary man.
there was allll sorts of weird shit in there though. it surprised me though that it was all still there.. the place closed down in 1995. matt and i found medical records and care plans for medication, we even found a syringe in a package.. really creepy things...
so... i can say that i had my adventure for the next couples months...

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[15 Mar 2006|09:28pm]
my apartment is coming together very nicely *happy sigh* looks alot better now... there are just a few small boxes of things i need to figure out what to do with.
i just watched the green mile.. yes, for the first time.. i know i know, where have i been? I really liked it, really! i cried a lil.
I wish soooo badly that i had milk right now, well, just groceries in general.. its gonna be real hard now though, seeing as i cant drive anymore.
boy.. that blows balls so much! not driving for 3 months is gonna kill me.
i want to start working out, big time. Its almost summer time, gotta get all hotty totty for the swim suit and tanning time.
i am quite excited for summer time, minus the fact that i wont be driving. but i just love the heat and sun, makes tricia a happy person. I cant wait for camping and swimming and everything! YAY!!!
I do have to say, I am quite happy with where my life is at right now. its actually been a while since i have said that. but i truly feel good. I am single.. and usually i hate that, but i dont feel sad about it at all, nor do i even feel the need or want to be with anyone. I like the way i feel. not really depressed at all, just comfortable..
so yay for me. I love love this new place i am in, i think that has a lot to do with it... ALOT.
ok.. adios for now
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yoinked this shit for la crysta [13 Mar 2006|11:07pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

Ask me a question about each of the following:

1. Friends
2. Sex
3. Music
4. Drugs
5. Love
6. LiveJournal

. . . no matter how rude, sexual, or confidential . . . just ask it!

Then post this in your journal and see what questions you get asked!

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[07 Mar 2006|09:45pm]
oh lord...
my cats... lemme tell ya. they are a friggin handful... gotta watch Mister and Scott like they are 2 year olds. seriously. They always try to get into the junk drawer in the kitchen because they know that the catnip is in there... well, tonight the succeeded. I just walked into the kitchen, saw the bad that should contain catnip, and the catnip was flung allllllllll over the kitchen flour. scott was flopping around in it on his back.. and mister was sneezing because he had rubbed his face all through it, was in his eyes up his nose everywhere... now they are going crazy!
oh man
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[07 Mar 2006|06:12pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

damn me and my procrastinating ways! i was all lazy and crap today because I have been so exhausted from this past 2 weeks. but then... i took a shower, got myself allll prettied up, so that i could go down to the courthouse and pay off the rest of my stupid fine... and then see if i had enough money to get my TV off layaway... So i get all the way down to the courthouse... go down stairs and its dark.. i got there effing 6 minutes after they closed. I was all upset lol. So now i cant go get my tv either dang me.. ha.. and i need to put the rest of my place together too... there is gonna be a couple people here on thursday... and then my best friend is staying the night on friday.. i got to get my shit together. I dont know why i am like this.. I always am. Putting things off until the last possible moment. its like i work better under pressure knowing that it has to be done or something. but i need to change that... somehow. after like 20 some years of doing it, i cant see that happening. But for once, it would be nice to have something done ahead of time. oh well.

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[01 Mar 2006|11:40pm]
[ mood | relieved ]

ouchies!! i got 2 teeth pulled today. it was totally unexpected.. i went in for a cleaning.. showed her how one tooth felt loose and was killing me because it hurt so bad.. and she made me an appointment for 40 minutes later and i got it pulled. Man.. my dentist rocks.. he said "so we are taking out #15?" and i said "yep!" and he said "#16 looks pretty bad too.. how come we arent taking that one out?" and i told him "I am realllly poor!" he left for a couple minutes, came back and said "i you sign this paper and let me do it... i will take that other tooth out and not charge you for it!" of course i said HECK YES! it was tooth work that i needed done really bad and I couldnt afford it... so i got 2 teeth pulled and only had to pay for 1! freaking sweet.. soooooo the tooth that has been hurting me REALLLLLLLLY bad.. is gone, and so i will have no more pain there.. that makes me so very very much happy! but.. good god.. that was the first time i ever had teeth pulled and it makes the scariest sound lemme tell ya! Sounds like they are breaking glass in your mouth.. and it is soooo scary when they are yanking at it and pulling at it and you can hear it crunch before they pull it out! anywho. i am way happy i wont hurt anymore. got a lil more unpacking done today.. thats good. Zara broke up with me the other day... thats bad. Aleshe sent me a package with the coolest stuff.. soooo rad!

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[28 Feb 2006|08:49pm]
i moved i moved i movedddddddddddddddddddd!

I... am happy about that
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[21 Feb 2006|02:42am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

soooo lots has happened...

I had a pretty much, fantastic Valentines day! First thing in the morning before Zara went to work.. she came to my house to bring me presents. She got me a BEAUTIFUL bouquet of roses, orchids, eucalyptis and other pretties... a fantastic bracelet thing that looks like something i would buy, a RING!!!!, and a set of swirly candelabras! She is way too great to me!
then crysta and i ran around doing various errands... then went to my work to pass out valentines to people. I got great things from Erica and monica so that was fun. Then i took Zaras presents to her and went outside and decorated her car in construction paper hearts and poster board that read "Happy Valentines day" across her window! YAY... she reallly liked her things... said that she was "impressed" with my "creativeness" and i actually made her blush AND giggle! go me!
lets seeee... i house sat for my mom for a week so that her and aaron could go on vacation and getting married. so yeah... yippee for a step dad and horrible step siblings.
BIGGEST Thing of it all... I am moving... am almost done... kinda.. not really actually.. I moved a big truck load tonight, and did some decorating over at the new place... ugh, but the part i am NOT looking forward to is cleaning this place up. YIPES its gonna be bad. I like my new place, its very cute! A LOT LOT LOT smaller... but very cute. Meh.. small is cozy and warm, so its cool.. i will make it work.
Also my truck was fucked with again. SEriously, if i find out who is doing it, its not gonna be pretty. therefore... i am not telling anyone where i am moving, except for a few select special few.
meh.. im outta here, gonna try and get a good nights sleep so i can bust ass tomorrow!

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[08 Feb 2006|04:25am]
[ mood | bored ]

If there is someone on your friends list who makes your world a better place just because they exist and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the internet, then post this same sentence in your journal.

If you think I'm talking about you, you are probably right.

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[01 Feb 2006|04:35pm]
well to sum it up... my mouth is pretty much fucked. It will cost me way more money than i will ever have to fix my teeth... so i am just getting a couple things done.
I need a better job with better benefits...my dental hardly covers anything :(
And i need better medical too!
man things suck... just like Crysta :p

im hungry!

I hope that Zara calls me tonight to hang out... i never get to see her!

I really should clean.. damn me and my procrastination.

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[01 Feb 2006|02:01am]
[ mood | happy ]

i know i know...where have i been?

well i have been here... i am just WAYYYY to freaking lazy to update although i am on the friggen computer everynight.

I am now going on 50 hours of the fasting... kinda weird becuase its making me realize a lot. I feel so empty... as expected. but healthy :)

Everyone be happy for me.. becuase i am now dating Zara, and thats just the freaking best thing ever!
YAY... look.. I thought that i was gonna die when i had no more tim. But I am happy and have a fan-freaking-tastic girlfriend! Only i never get to see her
:( oh will.. things will just get better.

hmm what else? Oh yeah! I got in some trouble :( over something that makes me soooo mad! but... long story short, i got pulled over, got a DUI and went to jail... now i have a huge fatty fine, and have to do all this crazy stuff! YARG

stilllllllllllllll need to move! I want to move! I have to move!

oh yes.. and i cant wait for monday becuase Crysta and i are congratulating ourselves with Sweet tomatoes.. it will be the best damn dinner ever!

been hanging out with friends alot and trying to get things in order. Been taking care of things that i have felt i needed to do for a long time.
Hanging out with crysta has been lots of fun. we have been going out to peoples homes and meeting new people and such.. its a great time!

gosh.. i know there are other things i just cant think right now.
I havent been sleeping very much, as usual.. it drives me nuts.. and then i get to the point of exhaustion.. and i wanna sleep forever!
Ew.. i have a dentist appointment in 7 effing hours.. that should be fun.. my teeth are allll sorts of messed up right now! its no good!

well i guess this is good for now.. dont wanna overwhelm people!

night :)

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i know.. lame for not having an entry in a LONG time [11 Jan 2006|04:57pm]
Click here.
Take the quiz.
Post your results.
See faeriedaydreams's results.Collapse )
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[31 Dec 2005|05:52pm]
[ mood | relieved ]

thank you all so much.... we found my dad and i saw him this morning!

all is ok...


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